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Unleash Your True Self.

Here's a FREE guided meditation for connecting with your True Self and manifesting your goals. Try it for 7 minutes a day, for 7 days, and watch your life transform. It's time to live a Magickal life—the life you're meant to live.

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Reclaim Your True Power

Download this free guided meditation, and power up with just seven minutes a day. Reconnect with your true self, take charge of your life, and get laser-focused on what you truly want and need in life. Create magick in your daily life. Become more creative, gain better discipline & focus, and generate immense willpower to achieve your goals—creative, spiritual or financial.

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This literally made me cry! It's so positive, heartfelt and I feel like I have more energy than I ever remember having. Thank you so much!

S. E.

This meditation is amazing Jason, thank you very much. Deeply relaxing, while at the same time it raises up a lot of energy and spirit. It felt truly powerful.

Axel. M

I've been practicing this meditation since you first posted it and I want to thank you for creating this. I look forward to returning for more lessons.

Robert D.

This meditation helped me visualize important goals, and helped my friends find a foothold in life. Thank you so much.

Steph K.

This works EVERY TIME I listen to this. Would recommend using headphones to be fully immersed.

I. O.

This is perfect for getting into the right mindset for magick... You really nailed this.

V. S.

This is the best manifestation meditation. I have trouble with most, but this one really did it for me. Thank you!🤩🙏🏾

Aries M.

First time doing this meditation, so powerful! Thank you so much for this great feeling I have now.

Alejandra B.

Thanks so much Jason! I really needed that today! I appreciate you and all you do for magick and us all.

Mike W.

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